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Meet the Invincibles!
Russell Allcock - Sales Funnell Expert
I’m a Sales Funnel Expert and the UK’s leading authority on sales automation. I’m also a best-selling author, speaker and mentor. I promise that if we work together, I’ll live and breathe your sales process. In short, I won’t stop until I’ve helped you build a sales process so slick it makes your business INVINCIBLE!
I’ve worked for and consulted with some of the best-known global brands. I bring commercial and sales expertise to every project I work on to deliver guaranteed results to my clients. My last corporate role, as Customer Manager for a division of SONY, gave me an unparalleled insight into the customer journey from cold prospect to raving fan.

My book “Future Proof (Your Business)” is acknowledged as the ‘go-to’ guide to building an invincible sales process that will work in your specific marketplace. I’m frequently booked as a keynote speaker by organisations such as Worldpay, who bill me as the UK’s Number 1 Sales Funnel Expert.

To find out more about me, please visit my personal website and Linkedin profile.
Ian Pownall - Sales Consultant
Put simply, I’m a sales geek! When I’m not explaining the difference between Sales & Marketing, Account Management and New Business Development, you’ll find me analysing and advising on the sales activities that’ll make a difference to your bottom line. I’m also an expert in Referral Marketing and a highly experienced international networker.

It’s my goal to convert your business marketing spend into sales revenue. I take a common sense approach that revolves around understanding your individual business: asking questions and taking a genuine interest in what makes it tick. When I understand what you think sales is and how it applies to your business, then I can help.

I’ve never met a business owner I didn’t think was interesting! And after working with countless companies of all shapes and sizes, I can honestly say I’ve never found two businesses with identical sales processes. So I don’t treat them all the same. I work with YOU to figure out what YOU need.

For more information, please visit my personal website and Linkedin profile.

The Invincible Business Team
When you work with Invincible Business, you’ll benefit from a whole host of expertise from leading industry professionals. These include branding experts, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters and more. As master connectors, Russell and Ian can also give you access to a powerful and influential network of business professionals across all industry sectors.
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Russell Allcock
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