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Are you:
  • A business owner who’s been trading for a while, but finding it hard to grow sales?
  • Passionate about your product or service and keen to be market leader?
  • Fed up with gimmicky sales and marketing ideas that don’t work?
  • Ambitious, committed and prepared to put in the leg-work?
  • Wanting the personal and financial freedom of running a thriving business?
    Let’s Make YOUR Business Invincible!
    Here at Invincible Business, we do just what it says on the tin. It’s our mission to help you take your business to the next level with the perfect sales process, AKA ‘The Invincible Sales Funnel’. With more than 50 years’ combined experience under our belts, we can show you how to turn your business around and get the results YOU want.

    And the best bit? Our system is easy - and it’s automated! Your sales and marketing are all taken care of: driving leads, conversions and sales straight to your inbox whilst you get on with the day job. Who’d have thought the sales process could be the easiest part of your business, not the hardest? That’s exactly what we’re saying to you now!
    A Passion For Sales Success
    You might wonder what inspired us to set up Invincible Business. Well, like our sales funnel, it’s perfectly simple. We’re passionate about helping other business owners achieve success. It’s a great feeling and we’d like you to share in it. And we believe in what we do, because we know it works!
    We genuinely want to add value to your business. That’s why you’ll find a selection of resources on our website that you can download and keep for free. It’s all about sharing our knowledge and experiences to help you get the most from your business. If you like what you see, why not get in touch to explore how we can work together?
    messages From The FRONTLINE...
    An Avatar Is Not Just For Pandora...
    (Inc. FREE Avatar Blueprint)
    If you think that Avatars are only fictional blue creatures running around Pandora firing bloody big arrows, then think again.

    In the world of Sales & Marketing, an Avatar is a fictional representation of your ideal prospective customer...
    Plato was a Clever Chap...
    (Inc. FREE 20 Incentive Ideas Cheat Sheet)
    Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said “Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil”. In fact, he said a lot of clever things, including the above, which have little or no bearing to what this article is about. 
    Incentives, and their importance in capturing customer details is what we are talking about here...
    Bacon, An Offer My Customers Can't Refuse...
    (Inc. FREE 18 Splendid Offers Cheat Sheet)
    The one “must know” for every business is understanding “What Offer Can You Make That Your Customers Can't refuse?” When considering this topic, I found that most sales experts would regularly quote The Godfather film. You know, the one “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

    That’s all fine and good, but shoving a horse’s head in your customers bed really won’t work...
    Is Your Business As Dead As A Dodo?
    Charles Darwin once said “It’s not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent that survives. It’s the one that is most adaptable to change.” Nothing could be more pertinent in business today...

    Who Are Invincible Business?
    A collaboration of 3 board level executives that originally came together to troubleshoot sales & marketing issues for large corporations.

    This lead to the set up of an Incubator Business for smaller clients to plug in to and really take their sales & marketing forward.

    So, if you have a product or service to launch (or re-launch) and you can find them, then maybe you can hire the Invincible Business team...
    I’m a Sales Funnel Expert and the UK’s leading authority on sales automation. I’m also a best-selling author, speaker and mentor. I promise that if we work together, I’ll live and breathe your sales process. In short, I won’t stop until I’ve helped you build a sales process so slick it makes your business INVINCIBLE!

    I’ve worked for and consulted with some of the best-known global brands. I bring commercial and sales expertise to every project I work on to deliver guaranteed results to my clients. My last corporate role, as Customer Manager for a division of SONY, gave me an unparalleled insight into the customer journey from cold prospect to raving fan.
    meet IAN POWNALL
    Put simply, I’m a sales geek! When I’m not explaining the difference between Sales & Marketing, Account Management and New Business Development, you’ll find me analysing and advising on the sales activities that’ll make a difference to your bottom line. I’m also an expert in Referral Marketing and a highly experienced international networker.
    It’s my goal to convert your business marketing spend into sales revenue. I take a common sense approach that revolves around understanding your individual business: asking questions and taking a genuine interest in what makes it tick. When I understand what you think sales is and how it applies to your business, then I can help.
    Customer Conversion Tool Box
    Does your business have a fool proof Customer Conversion Tool Box?
    Tel: 0115 855 6750  |  Email: hello@invinciblebusiness.com
    Invincible Business Limited
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